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Course description

In this course, we teach you everything you need to know about the primers to apply before painting. You will learn concepts, the best methods to choose the primer tonality, application techniques, tricks and tips to achieve the best results in your bodywork.


Obtain your diploma that validates the completion of this course and your acquired knowledge.


  • Joan Ruiz

    Joan Ruiz

    Joan has many years of experience in the auto bodywork sector. Joan is enthusiastic about technical training in the sector, helping bodywork specialists and painters with their doubts and application techniques.

  • Jordi Simón

    Jordi Simón

    Jordi is a Roberlo Body Technician and likes to contribute his knowledge acquired over more than 20 years in specialized workshops. Thanks to his extensive experience, he knows the dynamics of the workshops well, which is an advantage when doing the training.

  • Marc Mera

    Marc Mera

    Marc is an Auto Bodywork Technician and passionate about everything that surrounds this world. Marc has extensive knowledge of bodyshop dynamics as well as the different repair processes.