Our goal

Our goal:To gain your trust and keep it

Offering high-quality products and the best service thanks to a qualified and highly motivated professional team.

Automotive Refinishing

Automotive refinishingWe support bodyshop professionals throughout the repair process

At Roberlo we offer high-quality solutions for every step of the automotive refinishing process.

Industrial Coatings

Industrial CoatingsProtection for all kinds of surfaces

No matter what the substrate, Disolac offers proven and certified solutions to extend the life of structures, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, industrial maintenance, etc.

Roberlo Around The World

Roberlo Around The WorldWe operate in more than 120 countries

We have 15 subsidiaries serving customers around the world, enabling us to provide fast reaction times.

Roberlo DNA

Our formula

(Experience +
Research) x

The Roberlo company history began in 1968 in the hands of Mr. Llorenç Juher, who started what today is a leading multinational company in the car refinishing and industrial coatings sector.

Our products are developed in the Crom Techno Center lab, which has extensive facilities and the best technology to create the most advanced solutions.

The decentralized service offered by Roberlo subsidiaries around the world allows us to provide direct and personalized attention to give the best service to our customers.

Formula Roberlo

Changing Color Values 

Long term

Logo roberlo 1968

the key to progress 

The training of sector professionals has been part of our identity for many years.
Adapting to change and evolution has allowed us to adjust to the customer.

Learn with the best professionals

Ferran Casas 1

Ferran Casas

Ferran has been an Auto Bodywork Technician at Roberlo for 20 years, during which he has traveled around the world training hundreds of bodywork specialists and discovering different working methods. The value of personalized service is one of the most important aspects of his work.

Jessica horitzontal

Jèssica Rodríguez

Jèssica is a Colorist Technician and is part of the color team at the Roberlo CTC. She has been working with us for 8 years. Jèssica is passionate and greatly motivated to continue learning. Her great communication skills allow her to publicize our internal knowledge to clients and collaborators alike.

David horitzontal

David Serrano

David is the Color Technology Manager at the color department. A chemical engineer by training, all his work experience has been linked to paint and color, either from the chemical side, in product formulation, or the physical side, in color analysis and design. She lives her work intensely and attempts to disseminate this among her collaborators.

Foto CC - Guillem Colomer - Allargada

Guillem Colomer

Guillem is Product Manager of Roberlo’s industrial coatings division. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and is passionate about technology and innovation in the chemistry sector, which drives him to constantly seek innovative solutions for the industry.

Marc tècnic 592 x 280 grissos

Marc Mera

Marc is an Auto Bodywork Technician and passionate about everything that surrounds this world. Marc has extensive knowledge of bodyshop dynamics as well as the different repair processes.

Ismael ctc 592x280 grissos

Ismael Morell

Ismael is a specialist in the development of anti-corrosion systems for the protection of metals and an expert in the design of methods for assessing paint system compliance with specifications. In addition to being a chemical engineer, he is a Frosio inspector and technician.

Joan Ruiz 1

Joan Ruiz

Joan has many years of experience in the auto bodywork sector. Joan is enthusiastic about technical training in the sector, helping bodywork specialists and painters with their doubts and application techniques.

Dani horitzontal

Daniel Alemany

Daniel is a Colorist Technician and is part of the color team at the Roberlo CTC. He has been working with us for 5 years. Daniel is a positive, dynamic, and results-oriented person. Without a doubt, characteristics of his past as a professional athlete have helped to forge who he is, making him an interesting contribution to the team.

Jordi Simon 2

Jordi Simón

Jordi is an Auto Bodywork Technician at Roberlo and likes to contribute the knowledge he has acquired over more than 20 years in specialized bodyshops. Thanks to his extensive experience, he has a strong understanding of bodyshop dynamics, which gives him an advantage when it comes to training.

Sergio 592 x 280 grissos

Sergio Givica

Sergio is Product Manager at Disolac, Roberlo’s industrial coatings division. He is a chemical engineer by profession, and a technology and innovation enthusiast, which motivates him to work every day to achieve innovative solutions for the industrial sector.

Alex Serrat 2

Àlex Serrat

Alex is part of the technical assistance team at Disolac, Roberlo’s industrial division. He has several years of experience in the industrial bodywork sector, so he is familiar with the way these type of bodyshops work and he can offer the most effective solution to address the user’s concerns.

Àngel tècnic 592x280 grissos

Àngel Magin

Àngel has 20 years of experience in Roberlo’s technical support service and for the last 4 years he has specialized in the industrial paint sector.
His main characteristic is his great ability to understand the needs of users and offer the best solutions and processes to solve them.