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If you have the iCrom color management software, this is the course to get the most out of it. Request the password sending an email to We will explain all the features of the program step by step: from installation, configuration, color management to price and stock management.




Get your diploma certifying the completion of this course and the knowledge you have acquired of iCrom software management.


  • Àngel Magin

    Àngel Magin

    Àngel has 20 years of experience in Roberlo’s technical support service and for the last 4 years he has specialized in the industrial paint sector.
His main characteristic is his great ability to understand the needs of users and offer the best solutions and processes to solve them.

  • Jordi Juan

    Jordi Juan

    Jordi is a Project Manager at Refinish, for Roberlo’s automotive paint division. He was educated as an economist, specializing in international trade for the chemical industry and he has more than 8 years of experience in the paint sector. Jordi is a chemical engineer by profession, and a technology and innovation enthusiast, which motivates him to work every day to achieve innovative solutions for the sector.

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