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In this course, we will teach you the theoretical bases of color, so that when attempting to prepare a color, you may understand how light, pigments, particles, etc. act and interact, and how that affects the perception of the final color.


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  • Daniel Alemany

    Daniel Alemany

    Daniel is a Colorist Technician and is part of the color team at the Roberlo CTC. He has been working with us for 5 years. Daniel is a positive, dynamic, and results-oriented person. Without a doubt, characteristics of his past as a professional athlete have helped to forge who he is, making him an interesting contribution to the team.

  • David Serrano

    David Serrano

    David is the Color Technology Manager at the color department. A chemical engineer by training, all his work experience has been linked to paint and color, either from the chemical side, in product formulation, or the physical side, in color analysis and design. She lives her work intensely and attempts to disseminate this among her collaborators.

  • Jèssica Rodriguez

    Jèssica Rodriguez

    Jèssica is a Colorist Technician and is part of the color team at the Roberlo CTC. She has been working with us for 8 years. Jèssica is passionate and greatly motivated to continue learning. Her great communication skills allow her to publicize our internal knowledge to clients and collaborators alike

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