5 Legendary Bodywork Colors That Made History. Part 2

5 legendaryl colors that would spark nostalgia and bring out our emotional side when we see a classic car

A few weeks ago, we carefully selected 5 legendary bodywork colors that we loved. In that post, we promised you that later we would choose another 5 legendary colors that would spark nostalgia and bring out our emotional side when we see a classic car. And since promises are promises, it’s time to show you the colors we have chosen this time. We’re sure you’re going to love them!


Legendary Color 6 – Arancio Borealis by Lamborghini

Lamborghini is a brand that is well known amongst motoring enthusiasts. Its vehicles have unique and aggressive sporty lines that are combined with striking colors. In spite of this, this manufacturer started out in the motoring world as an agricultural vehicle manufacturer, an activity that it still continues today. In addition, its creator Ferruccio Lamborghini never invested in the world of competition, so the car’s presence at these types of events is very limited.

One of Lamborghini’s most iconic colors is the Arancio Borealis. It is a light orange color with a pearlescent effect that gives it an electric touch and looks great on some of this brand’s models, such as the Lamborghini Diablo. In fact, this type of color has accompanied this model for decades, being one of the most often seen on Spanish roads. The color is very striking and leaves no one indifferent.


This is the end of the selection of legendary colors that we have chosen for two of our publications. We have shown you 10 colors that, in our opinion, are part of automotive history. In any case, we think we’ve made it clear that the color of the bodywork is more than just a coating and is clearly an expression of the vehicle’s personality and the owner’s tastes. So, if you liked any of them, don’t hesitate to use them in your next painting projects.

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