The Top 4 Industrial Coatings Trends for 2022

The industrial coatings sector is starting off the year facing new challenges. Find out more about them in this article!

Although we are still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the industrial sector, 2022 has started off as a year full of challenges. These challenges involve the development of new technologies and solutions to meet the demands of the market. A market that increasingly wants to boost efficiency with faster solutions, which are more sustainable, long-lasting and high quality.

Trends in Industrial Coatings in 2022

These are the main trends that the industrial coatings sector will have to face this year:

Trend 1 – More Environmentally Friendly Solutions

The search for more environmentally sustainable solutions is a global trend affecting all aspects of our lives. The industrial coatings sector is no exception to this and it is increasingly looking for more environmentally sustainable solutions, whether due to legislative conditions or environmental awareness. So, during 2022, there will be a trend towards the development of solutions that are more sensitive to people’s health and the environment.

Water-based technology will be a prominent feature in the sector’s innovations. Following in the footsteps of the car refinishing sector, more restrictive legislation on certain product components is expected to be introduced in the near future. This will drive the industry towards the use of water-based systems and products.

Manufacturers are also devoting more effort to developing Low VOC solutions, with low Volatile Organic Compound emissions, as required by the European Directive 2004/42/EC, which focuses on emissions of these compounds in paints, clear coats and vehicle refinishing products. Both ISO 11890-1 and ASTMD 2369 specify standards to determine the content of these compounds.

Trend 2 – Smart Solutions

With the aim of optimizing processes, manufacturers are focusing their research efforts on developing smart solutions. What does a smart solution mean? The main characteristic of smart solutions is to provide the product with a multitude of properties that satisfies the customer’s needs. In this way, the industry professional only needs to use one product to fulfill all needs, increasing efficiency, optimizing time and materials.

DTM products are an example of smart solutions, which are constantly evolving and incorporating new properties.  PUR 844 SMARTECH is a DTM solution with low VOC which provides high anti-corrosion performance and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation as well as all types of weather.


4 tendencias recubrimientos industriales 2022
4 tendencias recubrimientos industriales 2022

Trend 3 – Demands on the Level of Finish

In addition to providing protection against external agents, the aesthetic aspect of the coating is becoming increasingly important. Surfaces often act as an advertising platform and achieving a distinctive aesthetic while obtaining a high quality finish is becoming an essential factor.

Offering a variety of highly resistant finishes with a variety of colors (such as effect colors), which up until now has been characteristic of the car refinishing sector, is going to be a trend we will be seeing in the near future. In addition to this aesthetic factor, it is important to remember that coatings must provide the necessary protection for every substrate.

Trend 4 – DIY

The rise of the Do It Yourself movement also affects the coatings sector on a more domestic level. Products that, until recently, could only be found in specialized distributors are becoming more widespread and reaching the hands of non-professional painters.

The arrival of coatings in the DIY sector will drive the development of “user friendly” solutions, products that are very easy to apply for the non-professional user.

This will bring about a radical change in the way these products will be presented. The user needs to understand the product and the procedure that must be followed when applying it, in an accessible and easy way, so that it meets their expectations.

The Industrial Coatings Industry Continues to Evolve

These are the 4 main trends in industrial coatings that we predict for 2022, mainly focused on increasing the efficiency of processes to optimize time and money, developing more environmentally friendly and more visually attractive solutions, oriented to new users.

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